All colleges under the Bapuji Educational Trust are the product of a vision, of a dream of Excellence in affordable Education. Our colleges are given only the best of infrastructure and Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology college is a most integrated multidisciplinary institution providing a wide and varied arena for the staff and student communities to showcase their academic and extracurricular talents.

Students are encouraged to build character through sports and other physical and spiritual development activities and also given ample opportunities to hone their talents in cultural fields. Students are expected to broaden their horizons academically and the pursuit of knowledge over and above the prescribed syllabus is a given. Our staffs are adequately equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study and co-curricular activities too.

I am proud to say that once our students step in they step out with the self-confidence and knowledge to face all endeavors with complete practical knowledge.

Sri A C Jayanna,