Department of Bio Medical

Ongoing Projects

Research Projects»

1. VTU Research Grant for the project titled "Design and Development of Wearable photoplethysmographic Biomedical Sensor for Physically Handicapped and in the Diagnosis of Cardio-pulmonary Diseases" for the year 2010-11.

2. AICTE grant under Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) for the project titled “Morphometric Assessment of Knee Joint Diseases for Diagnosis and Treatment”, for the academic year 2011-12.

Modrobs Projects»

1. AICTE grant under MODROBS scheme for the project titled “Modernization of Clinical Instrumentation Lab”, for the academic year 2010-11.


Consultancy work have been taken in the form of Servicing of Biomedical Instruments from:

• Bapuji Child Care Hospital , Davangere.

• Shivaprakash Memorial Hospital, Davangere.

• G.S.Diabetic Care, Davangere.

• Drishti Speciality Eye Clinic, Davangere.

• Servicing of Electronic Instruments of supporting departments, BP Measurement, Pulse testing, ECG Test, EEG Test, Pulmonary (breathing) Test, Blood Group Testing, etc.

• The above works have been be carried out on request and on non-profit basis.

• Faculty & Supporting Staff are actively involved in the Mahithi Sindhu Program, Govt. of Karnataka.

• Third party evaluation of medical instruments in Govt. and Private sectors.