Department of Bio Medical

Major Equipments & Software

Electrocardiograph, Electroencephalograph, Electromyograph, Spirometer, Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Potential recording system, Visual Evoked Potential recording system, Automatic BP measuring system, Audiometer, Ophthalmology instruments, Infusion Pump, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Multi-channel data acquisition system, etc.

Basic Electronics, Logic Design, HDL and Instrumentation Laboratory: The curricular activities in this lab provide the basic knowledge to students in the field of analog and digital electronic components, device characteristics and circuits and fundaments of transducers and instrumentation. The students learn the basics of HDL programming.

Matlab 2011b with DSP, Signal processing and Image processing toolbox, National Instruments Lab View 2012, Xlinx ISE 10.1, Cross C Compiler (Keil), MASM, TC++, CardioWin, NeuroWin & SpiroWin, Data acquisition software.