Department of Bio Technology

Laboratory facilities

An excellent infrastructure is provided in the following laboratories. The total expenditure on Instruments, Equipments and Computers is approximately around Rs.1.5 crores.

Biochemistry and Enzyme Technology Laboratory: The curricular activities in this lab provide the basic knowledge to students in the field of biochemistry. Students will learn the experiments related to food, brewery and enzyme analysis with the available advanced facilities like ELISA reader, Nanodrop, GELDOC etc.

Cell and Molecular Biology and Upstream Bioprocessing Laboratory: In this laboratory the students will conduct experiment related to Cell division(Mitosis and Meiosis), bacterial conjugation, bacterial transformation, genomic DNA and plasmid isolation, Agarose gel electrophoresis and Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, DNA and protein estimation, Enzyme extraction and estimation, synthetic seed preparation, ethanol production, Lag time effect and Shake flask studies. The lab is equipped with the instruments like ELISA reader, Nanodrop, GELDOC system, Cooling centrifuge, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis apparatus (AGE and PAGE), UV-cabinet, gel rocker, Automated Fermenter and Double distillation unit etc.

Microbiology, Immunotechnology and Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory: In Microbiology lab students learn the basics of microbiology like aseptic techniques, Instrumentation, Media preparation, sterilization, Isolation and characterization of Bacteria, fungi, bacteriophages including their biochemical reactions, staining techniques, Antibiotic susceptibility testing, Growth studies, membrane filtration techniques, Storage of microbes through lyophilization using lyophilizer facility in the dept etc. In Immunotechnology lab students learn Blood group testing, qualitative and quantitative determination of antigen and antibodies by different Immunodiffusion and Immunoelectrophoretic techniques, PCR, ELISA, Western blotting, Southern hybridization, WIDAL, Lymphocyte separation using available facility etc. In downstream processing students learn cell disruption, filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation, product enrichment and drying, separation techniques, production and estimation of ethanol, citric acid etc.

Bioinformatics Laboratory and Automation: The present laboratory exercises on the basic databases which are publicly available where the biological information is stored in huge amount and various tools to interpret, analyze the DNA, RNA and protein sequences and also to build theoretical based structures using the features obtained from 2D model and 3D models, and also it concentrates on very vital processes of insilico approaches of sequence alignments, biomolecular analysis and docking studies which facilitates for the novel drugs discovery. The laboratory is well equipped with updated hardware and software features which have internet facilities and are inter linked with LAN connection. Unit Operations, Bioprocess Control and Automation and Biokinetics Laboratories are very well equipped and work on the shared basis with Chemical Engineering Department of the BIET. The dept is also facilitated with the required software’s for the designing purpose like CADD and MATLAB.

Unit Operations, Bioprocess Control and Automation and Biokinetics Laboratories are shared with Chemical Engineering Department of the BIET.

Computing Facilities
Twenty six PC machines are connected on LAN with Internet facility with the updated configuration. All the above machines are loaded with latest operating systems with three printers, one scanner and a photo copier connected.