Department of Chemical Engineering

Ongoing Projects

» Investigations on Evaluation of Calliandra Callothyrsus for Production of Bioethanol. Project Funded by VTU Belgaum Rs.5.10 Lakhs (Ongoing)

» Pharmacological Screening of Traditional Plants Sanctioned to Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Project Funded by Vision Group For Science and Technology (VGST), Government of Karnataka, 30.0 Lakhs. (Ongoing)

» "Investigations on through recirculation drying of dead Pupae for recovery of Pupae oil & Meal : An ideal source for National Biodiesel & Nutritional activities" A TRIP Project supported by VGST Bangalore ( Completed)

» Modernization of Process Simulation Laboratory, Sponsored by AICTE under MODROB scheme and project (Completed)