Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Major Equipments & Software

Department has many major equipments. Major equipments are Digital trainer kits, Power Electronics Modules, 8051 Flash Programmable Microcontroller Evaluation Board (MCB 51) with interfacing modules, DC and AC Machines sets, Transformers, Auto-Transformers, Servo Stabilizer, Air-Cooled Rectifier Unit, Phase-Shifting Transformer, HV Testing Transformer, 5-Stage Impulse Voltage Generator, Continuously Variable Auto-Transformer, 60kV HV Testing Transformer, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, HV Rectifier Unit, Computers, UPS, 200kVA diesel generator.

Department has Mi-Power software Packages with 6 user, Microcontroller-Keiluvision#3(C51), Labview with 10 Users, PSPICE Student Version.