Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Our vision is to train the students towards excellence in Electrical Engineering through quality academic inputs, innovation and Team Work.


Our mission as a department is to enhance the quality of life of students through continuous learning, state-of-art technical education and long term value creation to meet the needs of the industry and society.

Aims and Objectives

To educate students to become knowledgeable and skilled engineers with an understanding of the ethical and professional aspects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and also to create and apply knowledge for the benefit of society.
To train the students to design and test the devices, components, processes and systems that meet desired needs of Electrical and Electronics and to improve present conditions in this field.
To guide the students to develop leadership capabilities and communication skills to succeed in multidisciplinary teams. To prepare engineering graduates to be immediately productive and able to adapt and to lead in a rapidly changing environment.
To define effective challenges that motive students and setup meaningful inquiry that meets the learning objectives, and activities that supports learning with understanding.