Department of Machine Design

Staff Achievements

Dr.S.Subrahmanya Swamy
» Visited Thailand and Bangladesh in connection with technology development for sericulture. This visit was sponsored by SDC– Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation, NEW DELHI under SERI-2000 program. SERI 2000 is a combined program of Govt. of Switzerland and Govt. of India for the development of sericulture in India
» Worked as a member of Project Monitoring and Advisory Group (MAG) of SERI- 2000 Program under SDC – Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation, NEW DELHI.
» Worked as a project coordinator under SERI 2000 program for the Design and Development of a Silk Hank Dyeing machine and successfully developed the technology. The technology was transferred to 2M industries, Mumbai.
» I was identified as a resource person for delivering Lectures on Machine Design under VTU EDUSAT program for the Year 2010.
» Carried out Field trials and trained Dyers on Silk Hank Dyeing machine in various silk dyeing clusters of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
» As a Head of M.Tech.(Machine Design), motivated the entire team to work for getting Accreditation to the P.G.Program in Machine design. The program is accredited for a period of three years from 2008-2011
» Worked as a member of Local Inquiry Committee constituted by VTU for a period of two years
» Working as a Design consultant to the following industries in Bangalore:
M/s Imagex Technologies
M/s Fouress Engineering
M/s Bombay Engineering Industries
M/s Unisource Industrial
» Working as a Design Consultant to M/s Genvac technologies, Harihar
» Developed Vacuum pumps of different capacities and different designs. These designs have been successfully commercialized.
Other Achievements
» Developed Nickel Aluminum Bronze valves – SDNR valves, Pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, Gate valves, Non return Foot valves for applications in ship building based on NES 375 Naval standards.
» Offering complete product design including the manufacturing drawings for the clients and also assisting them in testing and evaluation