Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Name of the LAB Equipments in the LAB as per Scheme and Syllabus
    FUEL LAB 1.Saybolt Viscometer
    2.Redwood Viscometer
    4.Junkers gas calorimeter
    5.Pensky Martin’s apparatus for flash and fire point
    6.Cleveland’s apparatus for flash and fire point
    DYNAMICS LAB 1. Computerized Universal Testing Machine (Cap 200 kN)
    2. PC based FFT signal analyzer (AIMIL Ltd, NewDelhi)
    3. Whirling of shaft
    4. Static & Dynamic balancing apparatus
    5. Universal Governor apparatus
    6. Vibration exciter
    7. Digital load indictor
    8. Digital displacement indicator
    9. Rotary vane type vacuum pump
    10. Systronics make strip chart recorder
    11. L & T make oscilloscope
    FOUNDRY LAB 1.Sieve Analyser
    2.Universal Sand Testing machine
    3.Permeability meter
    4.Drying cabinet
    5.Green compression strength testing machine
    6.Mody lab sand muller with reduction gear
    7.Jominy end quench test apparatus
    8.Electric muffle furnace
    HEAT TRANFER LAB 1. Thermal conductivity
    2. Composite wall
    3. Refrigeration test rig unit
    4. Heat exchanger
    5. Air condition unit
    6. Emissivity of surface
    7. Heat Transfer in Free convection
    8. Heat Transfer in forced convection
    9. Stefan Boltzmann apparatus
    10. Guarded plate set up to find thermal conductivity of liquid.
    HEAT ENGINES LAB 1.Single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled horizontal diesel engine
    2. Single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled vertical diesel engine
    3.Computerised IC engine test setup
    4.Four cylinder, four stroke, water cooled petrol engine
    5.Single cylinder, four stroke, air cooled petrol engine.
    6.Computerised VCR engine test set up
    2.Solid works 2001
    3.NISA analysis software
    4.CATIA V5R10
    5.ANSYS 11
    6.Swansoft CNC simulator
    7.Capsturn Manufacturing software
    8.CSM software bundle (Nastron)
    9.Flow Vision teaching and research edition
    10.Flow Ware research edition
    METROLOGY LAB 1. Auto Collimeter
    2. Profile projecter
    3. Gear roll tester
    4. Pertho meter
    5. Lathe tool dynamometer
    6. Drill tool dynamometer
    7. Measure scope with accessories (Nikon, Japan)
    8. Ultrasonic flaw detector
    9. Laser auto collimator with CCD camera
    10. Horizontal UTM
    CNC. LAB 1. VMC-1000 Kirloskar Make, SINUMERIC 810D CNC System
    2. CNC X-Y Table with Siemens 802S 2 axis controller
    3. CNC lathe model - Spinmaster
    4.Six-axis articulated educational robot
    5.Internal grinding machine ZETTO-30 with granite epoxy base and high frequency spindle
    CARPENTRY & FITTING SHOP 1. Planing machine
    2. Citewar saw machine
    3. Wood turning lathe
    4. Drilling machine
    5. Power hack saw
    6. Grinding machine
    SMITHY SHOP 1. Power Blower
    2. Hand blower
    WELDING & SHEET METAL 1. Arc Welding
    2. Drilling machine
    3. Gas welding
    4. Air compressor
    5. Sheet bending machine
    6. Pipe bending machine
    MACHINE SHOP 1. Lathe
    2. Milling
    3. Tool & cutter grinding machine
    4. Cylindrical grinding
    5. Shaping machine
    6. Slotting machine
    7. Capstan and turret lathe
    8. Planning machine
    9. Drilling machine
    Fluid Mechanics Lab 1.Orifice Meter
    3.Pelton wheel
    4.Kaplan turbine
    5.Francis turbine
    6.Single stage centrifugal pump
    7.Multi stage centrifugal pump
    8.Reciprocating pump
    10.Major and minor losses in pipes