Department of Thermal Power Engineering


Thermal power Engineering provides a very strong technical foundation in its own specialization, together with a sustainable component of cross-disciplinary studies. This programme is designed to provide a sound and in-depth training in various aspects of design, manufacture, testing, control and evaluation of Thermal Power Equipment. Thermal Power Plants have an increasingly dominant role to play in the vital power generation sector. The course content aims at developing the necessary analytical and technical competence among engineers in this area. Post graduates specialized in this stream are the engineers with focus on sustainable and renewable energy.

The students are also exposed to practical experience by arranging industrial visits and participating in workshops. The laboratories used by the M.Tech students for their practical training are well equipped and include, Heat Transfer Laboratory, Modern Internal Combustions Engines Laboratory, CAD Laboratory, Fluid Machinery Laboratory and Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Departmental teachers and research scholars are actively engaged in research related to thermal power Engineering and allied interdisciplinary areas. Major research thrust areas of the Department includes combustion modelling and diagnostics, alternative fuels, computational and experimental fluid dynamics and heat transfer, Electronic fuel injection, Thermal analysis of composites materials.