Internet connections available in the Institute

  • S.No. Type of Connectivity Particulars
    1 8 Mbps RailTel Corp(Control at Secundarabad). Leased line with OFC backbone, Static IP addressing
    2 2-8 Mbps broadband(Control at Bangalore). Limited Static IP addressing
    3 10 Mbps VPN(VTU project). 2Mbps X 5 Lines Dynamic IP addressing.

1. Around 300 computer systems out of 900 systems available in     the campus, are connected to the Internet, through the fiber     optics backbone.

2. Every department caters to the needs of the students and staff     with their respective Internet laboratory.

3. Internet facility is provided to the 1st year students at the Bio-     Technology Computer Centre (With 30 systems connectivity) and     in Library (With 18 systems connectivity).