• Library General Rules :

      » All the readers provided with an ID card will use the same card for library access.

      » All readers need to show their card at the entry point of library for using the library facility while check in and checkout of library.

      » Readers are not permitted to take their personal belongings inside the library. However loose sheets are permitted for rough work.

      »Usage of mobiles, carrying water bottle, eatables are not permitted inside the library premises.

      » All readers need to strictly adhere to library rules and maintain silence in the library. No group discussions are permitted in the library.

      » If any reader found taking away library documents without the permission of the library staff, the reader will be charged accordingly and the library facilities will be withdrawn.

      »Suggestions for purchasing books for library and improving library facilities are appreciable.

      »The borrowed books must be returned to the library within stipulated period of 15 days to avoid paying fine.

      »All books must be returned on before the due date.

      »Books are required to be presented physically at the Counter for return.

      »Students are requested to confirm the generation of receipt for the overdue paid.

      »Members must replace the book if lost with latest edition along with overdue charges.

      »Students are required to verify the books before borrowing. Any discrepancies like missing pages etc., shall be brought to the notice of the Library staff. Otherwise books will be verified when they are returned to the library and any discrepancies found will be fined accordingly.

      »The ID card is not transferable and must be produced whenever demanded by teacher, staff or any other college authority.

      »In case the card is lost, kindly report immediately to the Principal / Librarian of the college in writing mentioning the details of ID Card .Members are responsible for any borrowings made against this card.

      »Produce ID card whenever no due certificate is to be collected from the library.

    • Charges for Various Services:

      Photocopying Charges Single side Rs.0. 75/-
      Both side: Rs.1.25/-
      Cyclostyle copes office work only in large scale: test question papers etc.,
      Overdue Charges (for Students only) * 1St 15 days No Fine.
      * 2nd 15 days (16th to 30th day) Rs.0.50 per day.
      * After 30 days onwards Rs.2/- per day till the book is returned to library.
      Issue of Duplicate ID Card Rs.200/- per Duplicate ID Card
      Rs.50/- per Renewal of ID Card
      Loss/Damage of Library books, Materials Replacing the material/books or paying such compensation as fixed by the Principal/librarian.
    • Do’s and Don’ts in the library:

      Dos Don’ts
      Members should Keep belongings like bags,Aprons, books, files, Xerox copies etc., in the belongings counter at the entrance Keep valuables, Cash, Purses and Calculator etc., in the belongings counter
      Members should Handle Library books carefully Tear pages of books/Journals
      Books lost by the Borrowers have to be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian Write on the tables, books, Journals, other materials belonging to the library
      Members should Switch off cell phone Switch on cell phone
      Maintain Queue at circulation counter. Make Noise
      Show the documents, which are being taken out of the Library, to the staff at the checkpoint Misplace the reading materials
      Use the dustbins provided in the reading area and Keep the Library clean