Campus Connect


Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology has signed MOU with Infosys Technologies Ltd. Bangalore in the year 2004-2005. Campus Connect is a unique academia-industry initiative to "architect the education experience". The objective of CC is to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool; sustain the growth of the IT industry itself. It is intended to increase the employability of students. There are so many programs run under this banner.

Some Statistics:

No. Registered students: -- 1800
No. IT students: -- 1200
No. Non-IT students: -- 600
No. CC Events: -- 30
No FP Batches -- 33

Foundation Program :

» It is 4 months course, run along with the semesters.
» It is open to students belonging to all disciplines from 3rd semester.
» Campus Connect will issue the certificate which is unique to each student after successfully completing the course.

Highlights of this program: Covers essential generic topics like:

» Introduction to Computer System.
» Operating System Concepts.
» Programming and Testing.
» Problem Solving Techniques.
» Relational Database Management System.

Soft Skills Program :

» Students of all the branches from 3rd semester onwards are eligible.
» It s six months course.

» Visit to Infosys Campus.
» Project Sabbatical to Faculty Members.
» Training for faculty Members at Infosys.
» Encouragement to faculty members to carryout research.
» Project Internship to students to carry out projects.
» Aspiration 2020.

Visit to Infosys for 150 students and 10 faculty members, 3 non- teaching staff was arranged in the year 2009. Total 400 plus students participated in the Aspirations-2020 held in the year 2010 and 18 students were selected for college level and six students have selected for zonal level.

So far, the following faculty members have been sponsored by Infosys Technologies Ltd. Bangalore for their research work:
» Mr. Krishnamurthy G N
» Dr. Nirmala CR
» Dr. Poornima B
» Mr. K S Hareesha

So far, more than 35 faculty members have been trained by Infosys at their Campus in Soft Skills as well as foundation program.

Infosys has recognized BIET As star College and Advanced Partner College.

Dr. Nirmala C R.,
Professor & Head,
CS & E Department,
BIET, Davangere.