LEAD(leaders acceleration development program) is an initiative of Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (DCSE) foundation founded by Smt.Jaishree Deshpande and Gururaj Deshpande in 1996. LEAD is a unique youth development program that aims in building the nation of young leaders who can bring innovating solutions to the problems that they come across the society. The lead offers students an opportunity to make a change in their world. The objective of LEAD is to provide experimental learning to the students and to develop their LEADERship, communication, presentation, innovation and initiative skills. The lead program, an initiative of DCSE, focuses on fostering social entrepreneurship and innovative ideas of youth in college campus. In the LEAD program, students are motivated to carryout projects voluntarily, which will help the society at the large is an attempt to fix issues within their community. LEAD will support advanced trainings to the students like IT, Leadership, communication, RTI and Creativity skills. LEAD cell promotes and supports best performing students. It also supports financially for various projects that will help the society. The LEADer is the student incharge of the project, who manages the other team members and take the responsibility till the project completion. LEADers have the opportunity to network with successful social entrepreneurs, gain leadership and volunteer experiences and work intimately with the local community.

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Dr.A.G.Shankara Murthy,
Associate Professor,
Mechanical Engineering Department,
Co-ordinator, BIET-LEAD cell.