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Note of Thanks:

Any task will not be accomplished alone without the support of many people around us. When we took up the work of restructuring our College Website, the first name that comes into our mind is Prof.Y.Vrushabhendrappa, Director, BIET whose constant support and encouragement helped us to come out with such a nice master piece. We would also like to thank Dr.S.Subrahmanya Swamy, Principal, BIET,Dr Nirmala C R Prof&Head of CS&E Dept, Mrs. Roopa G M, Dr. B.E.Rangaswamy, & Heads of various departments and website coordinators for providing the content in time. Last but not the least we should never forget our technical leader Mr.Tejas Jain, TCS,Banglore, whose help right from the beginning till final hosting made us build a beautiful,interactive & attractive website( Finally we thank the non teaching staff of CS&E department for their help.