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Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology

Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi, Accredited by NBA and NAAC with 'A' grade,
Recognized by UGC under 2(F) and 12(B)

Department of Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS)

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 1984 as an academic centre for undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering and currently offers undergraduate program with the intake of 180. Visvesvaraya Technological University recognized the R and D centre in the year 2000. There are 7 research supervisors and total of 13 scholars have been awarded with PhD degree under Kuvempu and VTU. 17 scholars are pursuing their PhD as on today. Very proud to say that, undergraduate program has been accredited three times by NBA. It is supported by well qualified faculty, non - teaching staff and best - in - class Infrastructure in imparting the quality technical education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. The department strives hard to prepare the students to be industry ready along with motivating them towards higher studies as well as entrepreneurship qualities. It is the best opted department in central part of Karnataka and is well known for its university results, placements, industry and Alumni tie ups. Department is regular in hosting International and National Conferences, faculty development programs, Workshops, Learnathon, Hackathon and many more events for the benefit of students and faculty members.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of BIET has been at the forefront of churning out software engineers with a high caliber of technical expertise. It continues to foster and engender the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the blooming software industry.


To be a centre-of-excellence by imbibing state-of-the-art technology in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, thereby enabling students to excel professionally and be ethical.


  1. Adapting best teaching and learning techniques that cultivates Questioning and Reasoning culture among the students.

  2. Creating collaborative learning environment that ignites the critical thinking in students and leading to the innovation.

  3. Establishing Industry Institute relationship to bridge the skill gap and make them industry ready and relevant.

  4. Mentoring students to be socially responsible by inculcating ethical and moral values.


a) Strength
  1. Highly qualified, dedicated, dynamic, committed faculty members and willing to upgrade themselves.

  2. Strong industry and alumni connections.

  3. Curriculum is supplemented with bridge courses, expert lectures, hackathon, workshops and conferences in the latest areas of engineering and technology.

  4. Strong mentor-mentee interaction for student progression.

  5. Student academic progression through tutorial and remedial classes forslow learners.

  6. Student academic progression through tutorial and remedial classes for slow learners.

  7. Conducive environment for research.

  8. Oldest Institute in Central part of Karnataka, Maintaining Legacy of Quality teaching.

b) Weakness
  1. Need to involve more graduate students into research

  2. Less focus on structured entrepreneurship promotional activities in the campus.
c) Opportunities
  1. Offer new demand driven inter-disciplinary post graduate programs in emerging Technologies.

  2. Consultancy activities for internal revenue generation

  3. Increase External funding through new Centre of Excellence

  4. Develop interdisciplinary Research.
d) Threats
  1. Entry of Foreign Institution as potential competitors.

  2. Ever changing Demands of Software Industry

  3. Facing Challenges in attracting Higher Rank Students

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To apply skills acquired in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering for solving societal and industrial problems with apt technology intervention.

  2. To continue their career in industry/academia or to pursue higher studies and research.

  3. To become successful entrepreneurs, innovators to design and develop software products and services that meets the societal, technical and business challenges.

  4. To work in the diversified environment by acquiring leadership qualities with effective communication skills accompanied by professional and ethical values.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. Analyze and develop solutions for problems that are complex in nature by applying the knowledge acquired from the core subjects of this program.

  2. Ability to develop Secure, Scalable, Resilient and distributed applications for industry and societal requirements.

  3. Ability to learn and apply the concepts and construct of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc for any real time problems.
Dr. Vinutha H P

Professor & Head

Dr. Vinutha H P, a distinguished academician with 18 years of experience, serves as the Head of the Computer Science and Business Systems Department. Holding a Ph.D. in CS&E, she has made significant contributions to education and research. Driven by a commitment to excellence, currently leads the department, showcasing strong leadership. Her expertise extends across various roles, from NIRF coordinator to Dean of the Incubation Center, showcasing a multifaceted approach to academic administration. Dr. Vinutha actively imparts knowledge in a broad spectrum of subjects, and her contributions to conferences and journals, particularly in intrusion detection and artificial intelligence, highlight her research acumen. Beyond academia, she has organized diverse events, including workshops and hackathons, reflecting a proactive stance in keeping abreast of emerging technologies. Additionally, she has attended workshops by industry leaders like IBM and Infosys, emphasizing her commitment to continuous learning. As a member of professional societies such as ISTE , IEEE and IE, Dr. Vinutha is deeply engaged in the academic community. Her recent research endeavors include grant proposals for innovative projects, such as AI applications for early detection of Bovine Mastitis. Notably, she holds a patent for an AI-based antenna for 5G technology, showcasing her prowess in the cutting-edge technological landscape. Dr. Vinutha H P emerges as a dynamic academician, seamlessly navigating the intersections of teaching, research, and technology. Connect with her to explore the fascinating realms of academia and technological innovation.

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Puneeth B H

Assistant Professor

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Amrutha S M

Assistant Professor

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Priyanka S N

Assistant Professor

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