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Department of Data Science

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Data Science Department

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Department of data science vision


To be a centre-of-excellence by imbibing state-of-the-art technology in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, thereby enabling students to excel professionally and be ethical.


  1. Adapting best teaching and learning techniques that cultivates Questioning and Reasoning culture among the students.

  2. Creating collaborative learning environment that ignites the critical thinking in students and leading to the innovation.

  3. Establishing Industry Institute relationship to bridge the skill gap and make them industry ready and relevant.

  4. Mentoring students to be socially responsible by inculcating ethical and moral values.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To apply skills acquired in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering for solving societal and industrial problems with apt technology intervention.

  2. To continue the career in industry/academia or to pursue higher studies and research.

  3. To become successful entrepreneurs, innovators to design and develop software products and services that meet the societal, technical and business challenges.

  4. To work in the diversified environment by acquiring leadership qualities with effective communication skills accompanied by professional and ethical values.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. Analyze and develop solutions for problems that are complex in nature by applying the knowledge acquired from the core subjects of this program.

  2. Ability to develop Secure, Scalable, Resilient and distributed applications for industry and societal requirements.

  3. Ability to learn and apply the concepts and construct of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc for any real time problems.
Dr. Pradeep N

Professor and Head

Dr. Pradeep N, working as Dean Academics and Professor and Head in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science), Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davangere, Karnataka, India affiliated Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. He is having 21 years of academic experience, which includes teaching and research experience. He has worked at various verticals starting from Lecturer to Professor. His research areas of interest include Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, and Knowledge Discovery Techniques. He is presently guiding FIVE research scholars on Knowledge Discovery and Medical Image Analysis. Also, he is co-guide for postdoc students registered in Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore, and University of South Florida. He has successfully edited 10 books and they are published by various internationally reputed publishers which include IGI Publishers, USA, Springer, Elsevier, Nova, CRC, and De Gruyter. He has published more than 30 research articles published in refereed indexed journals and also authored 13 book chapters. He is a promising and prominent reviewer for various International Conferences and journals. His Indian Patent application is published, German Patent and Australian Patent are granted. He is one of the copyright author/owners for 12 copyright proposals which are granted copyright by Copyright office, Government of India. He has completed Short Term Post-Ph.D. Pilot Research Project from Thu Dau Mot University, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam in 2021. He received Academic Recognition as Hon. D.Eng. (Honoris Causa) in June 2021 from Iranian Neuroscience Society-FARS Chapter (SM-FINSS) and Dana Brain Health Institute, Shiraz, Iran. He has been appointed as Senior Member, Iranian Neuroscience Society-FARS Chapter (SM-FINSS) for a duration of TWO years (March 1st, 2021 to March 2nd, 2023). He is also one of jury members to evaluate proposals submitted for QS Reimagine Education Awards, 2023 He has been elevated to Senior Member in IEEE and has professional membership in IEEE, ACM, IEI, MISTE, and IAENG. Also, he is a Technical Committee Member for Davangere Smart City Limited, Davangere for evaluating ICT projects and Three committee member in Innovation Committee for City Innovations Exchange Program, Davangere Smart City Limited, Davangere under Smart Cities Mission

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Faculty Members

Dr. Pradeep N

Professor and HOD

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Mrs. Gowramma B H

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Bharath H C

Assistant Professor

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Staff Achievements

  • Dr. Pradeep N, Prof. Gowramma and Prof. Bharath H C have completed the course "Applied Generative AI" and got Certification in Infosys Springboard

  • Dr. Pradeep N, Prof. Gowramma B H and Prof. Bharath H C have completed the course "Principles of Generative AI" and got Certification in Infosys Springboard

  • Dr. Pradeep N have completed "Patent Drafting for Beginners" NPTEL course and got certification by passing NPTEL online exam

  • Dr. Pradeep N, Prof. Gowramma and Prof. Bharath H C have completed the course "Citizen Data Science using Python" and got Certification in Infosys Springboard

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Forum Activities


Datin, the Data Science department forum of our engineering college, is a dynamic platform designed to cultivate collaboration and innovation among students, faculty, and professionals passionate about data science. With a mission to facilitate knowledge exchange, Datin provides a space for sharing research findings, participating in guest lectures, and engaging in hands-on workshops led by industry experts. The forum encourages members to showcase their data science projects, fostering a culture of creativity and practical application of skills. Networking opportunities, hackathons, and competitions further enhance the educational experience, while a comprehensive resource repository ensures easy access to valuable materials for learning and research. Open to all with an interest in data science, Datin serves as a vibrant community within our college, promoting growth and development in this dynamic field.

The following events are conducted regularly by UniCS:

Sl.No. Event Event Descrption
1. Technical Talk on “Data Science: Impact on Administration, Decision Maker, Academician and Research Scholar” by Dr. Hareesha K S, Director, International Centre for Applied Sciences, MIT Campus, MAHE The presentation will commence by providing a comprehensive overview of Data Science, highlighting its fundamental principles, methodologies, and applications. We will delve into real-world examples showcasing how Data Science has revolutionized industries by leveraging insights from large and complex datasets.For administrators, the talk will focus on how Data Science facilitates informed decision-making, resource optimization, and strategic planning. The discussion will shed light on the role of data-driven strategies in enhancing organizational efficiency and achieving long-term goals.
2. Technical Talk on “Data Science: Scope, Demand and Career Opportunities” by Ram Mohan, Principal Data Scientist, Automation Anywhere. The presentation will commence with an overview of the expansive scope of Data Science, encompassing its fundamental principles, methodologies, and diverse applications across various domains. Participants will gain insights into the interdisciplinary nature of Data Science and its ability to extract meaningful insights from vast and complex datasets. The discussion will then pivot to the soaring demand for skilled Data Science professionals in the current job market. Attendees will be presented with compelling statistics and case studies, illustrating how businesses and organizations are increasingly relying on data-driven decision-making, thereby creating a substantial demand for proficient Data Scientists
3. Forum Logo Design Competition Department forum logo, Name and Tagline competition was conducted on 29th November for Data Science students and among all the designs submitted by groups, one is selected as best and awarded for that group.

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